Useful seaweeds of life

The many ways we use seaweeds in our lives

 Seaweeds are processed in many ways to be used in many products.

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Important roles of the seaweed in the coastal ecosystem.

coastal ecosystem

Produces the oxygen and nutrients by photosynthesis

Similar to land plants, seaweeds use sunlight to photosynthesize, producing oxygen and carbohydrates from dissolved carbon dioxide and water.Carbohydrates, such as sugar and starch, are the main building blocks of seaweed.So, if the water becomes murky and turbid, not enough sunlight will be available and seaweeds cannot survive.

Purifies the seawater

Nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorous, that flow into the ocean from sources on land provide nutrients to the coastal environment. However, too much nutrients can cause water pollution, therefore seaweeds help to purify the water by absorbing muchi of these nutrients.

Provides habitat for fish
and invertebrates including their food

Seaweed communities provide habitat for many marine animals and seaweeds are a source of food for many marine animals, including the fish and invertebrates.